The cancer’s already ahead of you, and it’s not waiting around. ” tony and lisa mcmorris learned in 2001 that brock had a rare type of kidney cancer called wilms tumor. In the united states, approximately large integer children are found to have wilms tumor each year. But only 5 to 7 percent of those children will have tumors in both kidneys—that’s about 25 kids in a nation of more than 300 million people. Brock was one of those 25. walmart viagra $9.00 He had five tumors on his right kidney and many more on his left. “i want to take him to the best place in the world,” tony said. “i’ve got kids myself,” brock’s pediatrician replied. cheap viagra online “you say you want to go to the best place in the world? walmart viagra $9.00 If it were my son, i’d take him to st. cheap viagra on line overnight Jude children’s research hospital in memphis, tennessee. viagra online without prescription ” on your mark … three days after the diagnosis, tony, lisa, brock and his sister, anna, arrived at st. viagra online pharmacy usa Jude and met the team of medical professionals who would take care of brock. canada viagra generic “it was like a puzzle,” tony recalls. safe site buy generic viagra “you had your oncologist, you had your radiologist and then you had your surgeon. For our surgeon, we were assigned to dr. generic viagra in us Davidoff. ” andrew davidoff, md, and his colleagues have extensive experience treating children with bilateral wilms tumor, or cancer on both kidneys. In most hospitals, patients such as brock would have one or both kidneys removed in an attempt to eradicate the cancer. But st. Jude has adopted a different—and extraordinarily successful—approach. Since 1999, every st. viagra high blood pressure medication Jude patient with bilateral wilms tumor exhibiting favorable histology (cell characteristics) has undergone bilateral nephron-sparing surgery. This procedure is designed to remove the malignant tumor, sparing healthy kidney tissue. If one kidney is removed and the cancer recurs in the other one, the possibility of losing renal (kidney) function is high. If both kidneys are removed, the child must endure dialysis and a possible kidney transplant. So the best scenario for the child is to retain as much healthy kidney tissue as possible. Get set… surgeons traditionally hesitated to perform bilateral nephron-sparing surgery because the tumors appear to be inoperable on preoperative scans. using viagra for best results Nephron-saving surgery is a more complex procedure than a complete nephrectomy, or kidney removal. “sometimes things may look scary on preoperative scans, making surgeons think that there is nothing to save,” says davidoff, division chief of st. Jude general pediatri.


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